Intelligent forecasting and price optimisation

Powerful revenue management tools built in collaboration with hoteliers.

Manage your whole property

With all of your rooms or beds in one place, you can quickly identify the most pressing actions for your business.

Property features:

  • Timeline: quickly visualise performance over the next month, quarter or 6 months.
  • Forecast: predict the revenue and occupancy for each room or bed.
  • Product breakdown: understand which rooms or beds require urgent price changes.
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Optimise each room or bed

Every room experiences different customer behaviour, Prix allows you to analyse and price your products individually.

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Product features:

  • Booking curve: Prix uses deep science to analyse your bookings. If bookings suddenly pick up you will see this reflected in your forecasts in a matter of hours.
  • Optimal prices: Prix analyses every price you have ever used to identify the best one given your current demand levels.
  • Channels: understand which rooms or beds require urgent price changes.

Automate your pricing workflow

Speed up repetitive revenue management tasks, so you can focus on higher value activities for your business.

Workflow features:

  • PMS integration: we are integrated with many of the leading property management systems.
  • Email updates: receive a daily breakfast briefing for your property.
  • Custom exports: if you still love to Excel you can export all of our forecasts, metrics and recommendations as a CSV file.
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